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Flashy and fabulous, 'Future of Pop' princess and diva of the dance floor, Trix is an up and coming UK sensation who's musical powers are not to be undermined.   The musical genius behind singer/songwriter/electro-pop diva Trix is to challenge the traditional music 'genre'. Greatly influenced by her mother's immersion in the 'punk' and 'new romantic' era, Trix was inspired at a young age to refashion music as a vehicle to express herself. Collaborating influences from pop, rock, reggae, classical, house and dance, Trix is able to offer the listener a unique and catchy sound.

The innovation that is 'Trix the performer' stems from dance training at a very early age from the highly acclaimed, London School of Contemporary Dance. After LSCD, Trix went on to continue her education at The Performing Arts College - London.

Even though her education focus was dance, Trix never felt artistically limited to just this; she explored writing, leading to a future in lyrics. Trix is signed onto Warner Chappell Publishing and has written for artists such as Holly Valance and The Appleton Sisters.

Trix's diverse musical style offers an exciting sound to the dance floor that only her performance as an entertainer can match. Trix has recently stormed the charts with her Top 15 UK hit 'Lollipop' featuring herself with Sandy Rivera and Dada. 'Lollipop' continues to be a large success and can be heard all around the world every Friday night.