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Roi Tochner
Producer / Composer


Roi Tochner, DJ/producer, is just winding up 10 years at the forefront of the Tel-Aviv scene – one of the club capitals of the world. Tochner, who has manned every self-respecting DJ booth in Israel, is currently regarded as one of the more revered and most sought after DJs in Israel. Tochner broke into scene consciousness in 1999, when he grabbed first place in a nation-wide DJ competition performing before a crowd of 20,000. Already then it was clear to both judges and audience alike that here was a phenomenon with a promising future ahead.

In 2000, together with friend Shmulik “Sam” Meshali, he opened the vinyls house and DJ booking agency “Funky Fish Records” (until 2006), that revolutionized and set future trends for the Israeli music retail business. Funky Fish, that imported the latest club music from around the world (with each vinyl hand-picked by Tochner), raised the artistic level and there isn’t a DJ/music lover in Israel who wouldn’t storm the doors of Funky Fish for its next weekly shipment. Besides ordering Funky’s musical repertoire, Tochner managed Israel’s first progressive house label, “Selfish Records”, which produced some of Israel’s best home grown talents, such as Guy Gerber, Shmuel Flash (the Flash Brothers) and releases of Tochner himself, who began to churn out original productions in 2003.

Since his grand debut, Tochner has spinned at all of Israel’s most reputable clubs (Dome, Vox, Haoman 17, TLV and many of Israel’s best), and at leading clubs overseas (Russia, Romania, Greece, and Ibiza), frequenting many of them on a regular basis. Over the years, Tochner has performed alongside giants such as John Digweed, Armin Van Buuren, Marco V, Mark Knight, Axwell, D Ramirez, Tocadisco, Dave Seaman, Hybrid and more.

Tochner, who booked and hosted most of these DJs himself, has maintained good contacts with all and is working with some on upcoming projects. In 2006, Tochner was voted DJ of the Year by Time-Out Tel-Aviv. This was the second year running that Tochner won one of Time-Out’s Man of the Year awards, having just won the title of one of the Tel-Aviv scene’s most influential people, considering Funky Fish’s contribution to the scene.

This and his popular weekly radio show (aired on Radio 99) from 2006-2007, only boosted his footing to consensus status. In mid-2007, he was chosen to mix the “Elektro” compilation under NMC distribution, that became a huge success. Also in 2007, Tochner co-founded “Rave – World of Music”, a producer of events, artists representative, and consultant for musical solutions. To further his original musical productions, in 2008 he opened “Buzz” Studios with brother Chen “DJ Braindead” Tochner. Their productions and remixes include works for local artists such as Subliminal, Momy Levy, Shay 360, Sivan, Avi Toledano, Eti Castro (Hamsa Group), and others.

Tochner himself was signed to produce remixes and original productions under different monickers for several overseas labels such as Warner Brothers (France), EMI, Vendetta and Eyezcream Recordings, and his tracks are played regularly by the best DJs around the world. The year 2008 was a very prolific one for Tochner, who placed special focus on original productions, in preparation for his first album due for release in 2009. With a resume to envy, and looking forward to another year full of original productions and performances around the globe, Tochner is undoubtedly an artist who the music world can expect to hear much more about…

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