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Rob Webster
Composer / Producer


Rob Webster is a producer of many genres ranging from House anthems to Chill Out. From early beginnings of working in a local record shop called BPM in his home town of Derby, he quickly climbed up the ranks and became one of the cities biggest DJ's playing resident to the superclub of the 1990's called Progress. From 1993-2002 this club was one of the biggest in the country attracting many great names from Pete Tong, Roger Sanchez through to Andy Weatherall and Boy George.

Rob also played across the UK on many club tours for Progress during its heyday in the 1990's at places such as The Camden Palace and The Cross in London through to The Republic and Love To Be in Sheffield. Naturally he progressed into the studio making contemporary Dance music and in the Summer of 1999 he produced what would be his major Dance hit breakthrough. A record that would be championed by Judge Jules and Pete Tong. The record was entitled "Everybody" and he recorded it under the name "The Boy Wunda" This was released by Manifesto Records, a sub label on Mercury/Universal Music.

It reached number one in the official Dance music charts and then upon its official release found its way to number 7 in the UK charts of December 1999, with an appearance on the legendary Top of the Pops show on BBC One. This success led to remix work with many different genres being put out from Pop remixes for Atomic Kitten to underground Dance acts. Scoring a number one radio one Dance charts remix with his version of "The Rhythm Masters track "The Ghetto" under his "Soul Glow" moniker. The follow up single for The Boy Wunda resulted in a Dance cover version of the Massive Attack classic "Unfinished Sympathy. With Bizarre Incs Angie Brown on vocals it was destined for another place in the UK charts but was finally shelved due to publishing entanglements, therefore leaving Rob to pursue other genres.

So began a fresh output in the shape of a Funk album under the name The Flow. This album project gave him fresh enthusiasm for producing once again and the album was met with positive reviews in the NME Magazine.

Since 2004 he has ran four record labels on the dance music scene both with vinyl and mp3. But more recently since 2009 his Cold Rockin Records label has been his mainstay on the circuit and he has produced over 30 releases for the label under the Nu-Disco genre as the artist "Area Social" reaching the top ten sales charts on several download sites such as Beatport and Junodownload.

His new album entitled "The People we used to be" is out in August 2013 on Traxscape Records having had 4 of the tracks from his previous album on the label used in scientific documentaries. The music is a combination of Moby meets Lemon jelly with warm strings, Pianos and slow to mid-tempo break beats.

Also in 2013 he has been producing tracks for a Nu-Jazz/Techno label called Waxadisc Records under the moniker "Dakota Soul" releasing more deeper grooves.

So its hard to pin Rob Webster down to just one genre. His love for various styles of music are vast and he is a producer that is open minded in many different fields.

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