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Michael e
Producer / Singer / Songwriter


In Michael's own words he fell in love with music, like most producers and Dj's at an early age. As a child he had piano lessons and as he moved into his teenage years his passion for music grew and he decided to get involved. Michael played in a variety of cover bands performing across Europe and at this time he started to compose his own music.

As technology advanced, Michael decided it was time to push the boat out and do the lot! Compose, produce and mix, soon realising he had the talent and capabilities for his vision to be realised. He set up a Myspace page early 2006 and almost immediately his tracks were taken for compilations. He signed two albums to Chillball and self-released two more. A fifth album "Five" is to be released on Dec 2nd 2008.

What makes a Journey linger in the "Waters of Memory" is the ability of the Sojourner to easily pullout the pieces of scenes and moments he lived ... then put them all back together whenever the heart summons.

This is where the Music of Michael E. comes in.

"Parts are played out in stretches of slow shimmering sambas ... Sparsely vocaled pieces that keep echoing the hang of atmospheres, places and situations ... Most of all; the ever present beauty of Melody that anchors all kinds of airy harmonies and percussive fleets that bear the mark of "An Artist who has been there" ... Someone who gathered all the colours and turned them into notes.

A Soundscapist in the purest sense Michael E. will capture a "A Feeling Subject" and put him or her in a picture of a long forgotten Summer, a thousand shades of Autumn, the release of A Nostalgic sigh or maybe just a simple smile. All these with eyes closed."

-Julian Ardella