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Mustard Artists
Leigh Devlin
Producer / Singer / Songwriter


Leighs music career began with the explosion of house music and dance culture in the late eighties and early nineties. Very much influenced by Djs of the time, Sasha and Graeme Park for instance, his entry into the business came through Dj-ing in the clubs that sprung up in and around Sheffield during this period. His Dj career was aided with his employment at the time in one of Sheffield premier independent dance music shops.

Always interested in how music was actually put together, Leigh bought some early sequencing software and a synth and started producing some ideas.

After a break from music and many years travelling Europe, Leigh decided to put roots down and take making music a little more seriously. Along with a few dedicated friends, Leigh studied at Red Tape Studios, Sheffield in 1998, which eventually led to him co-founding Kenwood Studios. His first major project there was working on Dizzee Rascals 2003 Mercury music prize winning 'Boy in da corner' LP.

Over the last few years Leigh has worked with various artists, from major label chart artists to local unsigned hopefuls.

In 2008, Leigh has put together a collection under the name of 'MinusBlue', and now is approaching finishing the debut LP under that name.

The MinusBlue sound is best described as a mix-up of Leighs influences. Heavily house influenced, but definitely not house at the same time, Leigh has made the heart of every track a song.

Leigh describes MinusBlue as:-

'MinusBlue makes little worlds of music that hold your hand and take you away to a better place. MinusBlue works with songs and vocals and electronics and sometimes guitars, but feels that is just all sound, and sound is good.'

In more detail, the MinusBlue sound is an open, spacious and lush electronic sound. The songs sometimes deal with heartbreak and loss, but combined with the light and airy production, the subject matter is dealt with in an optimistic and positive manner. The MB sound is meant to comfort and heal.

As of 2012, Minus Blue signed to Seamless Recordings and their next LP 'Living Life in Phases' is being released in March 2013. They also did their first gig at 'Give' Festival in July 2012 and are lined up for many more festivals for 2013.