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Dave Jarvis
Producer / Composer


You might not have heard of Dave Jarvis, possibly because you haven't been paying attention, possibly because you're not au fait with the inner workings of London's feisty club scene or possibly because Dave has, thus far, been happy to stay in the background. Well know him you should.

He is, if you will, the Zelig of the English club circuit. Look at any photograph in the past 20 years and chances are, just off to the side, will be Jarvis, cheekily grinning at the photographer. Soul boy? Check. Acid house? Yep. Promoter? Done that. Record store owner? Yep. DJ? Of course.

Dave Jarvis, like just about every other DJ of a certain age, is a product of the suburban soul scene. He first started DJing for the Boilerhouse crew back in the mid-80s. By '88 acid house had arrived from Chicago, ecstasy and Balearica from Alfredo at Amnesia, and, as Dave tells
it, 'all hell let loose'. Gigs ensued all around the M25 beltway, from Queens to Phil Perry's legendary Sunday session Full Circle, and thence inwards to the city, the Wag and Raw at the YMCA.

He also found time to run and then own Kingston's Beggars Banquet Records, a key focal point for the suburban house scene. In 1999, Jarvis, along with long-time associate Terry Farley (of Junior Boys Own infamy), Stuart Patterson, Leo Elstob and Bill Brewster, started Faith, a series of parties that move around London and the south-east. Thus far, they have also released three compilations with Dave mixing one of them, their Faith parties now sell out well in advance.

He is also no stranger the Ways of the AKAI, having worked
in the studio with various producers, including acid jazz legend Chris Bangs. Their Original Soulboy LP was recently completed, including contributions from 80's soulster Tashan and ex-Style Councillor Mick Talbot.

Dave is now in the studio with Uschi (Xpress 2, Terry Farley, Defected) working new projects for Smoke in collaboration with Terry Farley (from Junior Boys Own).