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Adam Sykes
Producer / Composer


GENERIC is Iris Light Records (1996 – 2007) owner Adam Sykes.

Working in the “ambient” and “experimental” fields of music he is creating sound recordings using found sound, wild tracks and atmospheres.

Taking these base sounds Adam manipulates and processes them into eerie and exploratory sound recordings ranging from dark ambience, noise and mechanical-tinged industrial.

Generic released it's first album (TORTURE) on a new label "Fractured Spaces" in July 2008 to critical acclaim and has continued to release music both digitally and physically ever since. The latest being study of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) recordings (review below).

VITAL WEEKLY number 829 week 18


Adam Sykes is active in experimental music for a long time. Since 1996 he has run the label 'Iris Light', which released music like Maeror Tri, Aube and Front 242. In 2008 he started 'Generic' and released a few CD's and free mp3 downloads.  

Voices - A Phenomenological Study is indeed a nice and interesting study to the voice. Looped voices are the main source in the six compositions which are combined with a kind of different sounds. The music has a ritual atmosphere, maybe because of the looped sounds which gives a repetitive and meditative mood. Noisy sounds are combined with dark slow drums, chants and edited voices. The edited voices are stripped of their natural source and flow together with the abstract sounds and ongoing layers. The music gives a spooky feeling, but in a subtle way. The music refers strong to the tape-music and industrial music in the eighties, because of the use of looped sounds and the ritual atmosphere, but played with the technologies of 2012.. 

"Voices - A Phenomenological Study" is highly recommended for the lovers of dark ambient music and for now it is one of the most interesting albums of 2012, because it fits well in the claustrophobic age we are living in... (JKH)

Adam Sykes Band Camp: http://irislight.bandcamp.com/